Jiva Ayurveda introduces six-month Ayurveda and Yoga course at Gargi College

 Jiva Ayurveda introduces six-month Ayurveda and Yoga course at Gargi College

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The Department of Chemistry of Gargi College under Delhi University in association with Jiva Ayurveda has introduced an add-on course, Ayurveda and Yoga – The Science of Well-being, for its students. The six months’ course will introduce students to several principles of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Ayurveda and Yoga – The Science of Well-being will be covered under four sections – Basics of Ayurveda, Nutrition, Beauty and Fighting common health problems. During the course, the students will learn about different body types (Prakriti), principles of healthy living, concepts of nutrition, principles of Ayurvedic cooking, tips to prevent common diseases, how to attain healthy womanhood, home remedies for common gynaecological problems, Ayurvedic steps to enhance inner and external beauty, among others.


The launch of the course in Gargi College is part of Jiva Ayurveda’s ongoing initiative to propagate the knowledge of Ayurveda across the world. At present, Jiva Ayurveda teaches Ayurveda in Japan, France and Poland in addition to conducting regular educational workshops across the world.

“Ayurveda is not only for aged people. With Ayurveda our youth can stay healthy and beautiful. Women, in their various roles as mother, daughter and sister – are very influential in a family, so when they learn Ayurveda, the entire family benefits from the knowledge. I congratulate the management of Gargi College and Principal Dr (Mrs) Promila Kumar on this initiative to teach Ayurveda to the next generation of young Indians,” said Dr Partap Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda at the launch of the course.

“Health is a balanced and dynamic integration of mind, body and soul.  Ayurveda is a natural way of healing, which balances all these aspects and promotes healthy and blissful living. Through this initiative we aim to spread awareness and knowledge among the young generation towards Ayurveda,” said Principal Dr (Mrs) Promila Kumar.


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