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Team L&M Several home decor trends are evolving this year. A trend which made a strong appearance is the ‘Curved Furniture Trend’. Departing from sharp edges and straight lines of traditional designs, curved furniture introduces a sense of fluidity and grace to living spaces. Bay Window Cue the Curve showcases a wide range of these […]Read More


UP Buddhist Circuit gears up for grand celebration of Buddha

Team L&M Buddha Purnima is a festival celebrated by Buddhists all over the world signifying the Birth, Enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana of Lord Buddha.six places that form the Buddhist Circuit of UP namely- Kapilvastu, Shravasti, Sankisa, Kaushambi, Sarnath and Kushinagar. In Kapilvastu, located in Siddharthnagar district, Siddhartha Gautama spent his first 29 years and then renounced […]Read More


Best summer drinks to keep you cool

Team L&M Already feeling the heat? Indeed, summer is here! It is the time of the season when colourful flowers bloom all around, the majestic koels sing around, and leaves rustle along the warm breeze. Summer is also the time when you feel the overall heat exhausting you and snatching your energy. As temperatures continue […]Read More


Things to keep in mind before buying water purifier

Anupam Mathur As of March 2024, approximately 4.9 million Indian residents were affected by groundwater contamination with salinity and iron being the biggest pollutants. As access to clean drinking water becomes increasingly vital in an age it is paramount, selecting the right water purifier for your home is a crucial decision. Considering that water is […]Read More

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