Soothing some frayed nerves

Divya Saxena Corona Virus has adversely affected humans, both patients as well as those who are free from it. While the affect on the infected person is worse, the fear of it is no less. Many people have developed anxiety issues, further aggravated by the lockdown across the world. With people restricted to their homes, […]Read More

For now, it is reading, cooking and writing

GAUTAM GUPTA I live in New Delhi with my mother and a helper. Work is totally closed — our factory and store are closed till April 15. Only my design team is working with on new concepts and doing some research. At home, we try staying in our respective rooms and we are not allowing […]Read More

Getting back to ‘my’ life

As an executive coach and mentor, my past schedules had been over busy, with 20-plus days of travel, meet ups, talk shows. Life was furiously fast with no time to slow down. Acceleration, faster velocity, completing a multitude of objectives was the only order.  Relaxation, taking time out were taboos. I ran so fast that […]Read More

Pick a card, get free tarot reading

Happy Navratri my beautiful souls🙏 Let us be guided by the Goddess herself and see what our cards have in store for us for another week in quarantine. 🌸Gather yourself in the centre of your heart and chose one or more images you are most drawn to. 🌸You may opt for a GENERAL GUIDANCE or […]Read More

Bats not to blame, humans responsible

Benoy K Behl Day-before-yesterday I read a report by Profs. Andrew Cunningham and Kate Jones, both of London, which very clearly explained the responsibility of us human beings for the present crisis. They also explained how other viruses could also spread, even after the present disaster was past. Besides dealing with the present situation, I […]Read More

She took up ballroom dancing at 87

February 2020 was the saddest for ballroom dancers all over the world as their inspiration, Tao Porchon Lynch passed away peacefully and without any pain in White Plains, USA. She was 101.5 years young and was dancing in her three inches high heels a week before she went dancing her way to the next planet. […]Read More

Introducing Ascended Master Chananda!

Chananda is a master of light from the continent of India. He is the chief of the Indian Council of the Great White Brotherhood and hierarch of the Cave of Light in India. The term “white” refers not to race but to the aura of white light that surrounds these immortals. The Palace of Light […]Read More

Daler’s darega corona message

Team L&M In a video released recently, singer Daler Mehndi has appealed to all Indian in his own inimitable style. The video shows him making an appeal to the people that the PM has appealed to keep social distancing. Reacting to people coming out on streets he said it is aa bail mujhe maar (inviting […]Read More

Top 10 insta accounts spreading joy

Team L&M Socially distancing yourself is the right choice but it is definitely not the most exciting choice at the moment. Have no fear when memers are near! We have exactly what you need to brighten up your day and mood. All you need to do is head on to Instagram and let loose. Here […]Read More

Armaan Malik, Ankur Tewari to perform in your living room

Team L&M The Indian music community and Instagram are presenting a one-of-a-kind virtual music festival, Live In Your Living Room’ featuring 14 artistes who will each use IG Live for a slot of 30 minutes and make way for the next artiste. All these artistes — Armaan Malik, Lisa Mishra, Naezy, Shalmali Kholgade, Akasa Singh, […]Read More