Chokha Mela: A simply divine performance

Dance has been a way of life for her since childhood. For years, she has performed in the dance ballets staged by the Rashtra Seva Dal Kalapathak under the direction of noted poet Vasant Bapat and tutelage of Shri Ramesh Purav. Together, they have presented several memorable shows such as Maharashtra Darshan, Bharat Darshan, Shiv Darshan and […]Read More

The present education scenario and us

Let us reflect: Need to create a culture of asking questions Need to transform students from being passive listeners to innovators. Student control is a fallacy. Present academia is so busy trying to devise methods of control; that they have forgotten of being a student themselves. Education should not encourage creating cow webs in the […]Read More

Are we really afraid of earthquakes?

Saurabh Tankha Five earthquakes. 47 days. The one that shook Delhi-NCR last night (May 29, 2020) was the strongest one at 4.5 on Richter Scale and the first medium intensity earthquake. The rest four fell in the low intensity category. Not many got to know but seismologists confirmed another lower intensity quake of magnitude 2.9 […]Read More

Time to retain focus on digitisation, innovation and industry collaborations

To know how Covid-19 pandemic has impacted different sectors and industries in India, invited experienced professionals from different fields to talk us through the challenges ahead as also offer solutions and suggestions to emerge victorious from the present state of affairs. Beginning today, read all this and more in our new weekly column – THE PERFECT […]Read More

Beat the heat with Starbucks’ handcrafted summer beverages

With an aim to celebrate the season of sunshine, Starbucks has launched seven new delectable and refreshing delights. The limited edition summer menu boasts of seasonal classics like the fan-favourite Midnight Mocha Frappuccino and a tropical and fruity delight, Mango Popper Frappuccino. The brand has also launched Honey Turmeric Latte, a robust combination of espresso, […]Read More

Covid-19 Impact: Healthcare facilities in India witness 80% fall in

90% healthcare facilities are facing financial challenges with 21% facilities facing existential threat NATHEALTH conducted a detailed survey with small and medium sized healthcare facilities across the country to understand the major challenges and identify areas of intervention needed. Post the lockdown from March 24, Indian hospitals have seen a large impact, especially among small […]Read More

Neo Tech to launch PPE kits, protective gear for frontline

With the Covid-19 pandemic making its presence felt globally, the frontline workers are diligently performing their duties towards the society. Being synonymous with product innovation since their inception and with the vision of contributing to the society, the Donear Group – Donear, GRADO by GBTL (formerly known as GRASIM) and OCM – have ventured into manufacturing fabrics, garments […]Read More

Ghoomketu: Things can change overnight

Saurabh Tankha We have had films on young boys and girls wanting to make it big in Bollywood (Rangeela, Luck By Chance to name a few), but no one ever wrote about smalltime writers with stars in their eyes. Well, there is one now, though not released in theatres, but on OTT platform Zee5. Written and directed […]Read More

Private sector quietly laying foundation for India’s future amid Covid-19

“When India speaks of self-reliance, it does not advocate a self-centred system. In India’s self-reliance, there is a concern for the whole world’s happiness, cooperation and peace,” – inspiring words by Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the nation recently. He had also announced a Rs 20 lakh crore economic package as India’s response towards battling […]Read More