Etheric Cords. What’s that?

 Etheric Cords. What’s that?

Dr Priya Kaul

Have you ever wondered, how we connect with people around us? What is it that makes our connections strong with a few and relatively lesser with others? The answer is Etheric Cords.

Etheric Cords are energy structures present in each one of us. These cords help connect people through their chakras, auras and so on. Etheric Cords do not only focus on people, but also relate to places, animals, and even objects.

The process of attaching or connecting is referred to as cording. Being corded is a means to tap into someone else’s energy which, in turn, acts as a feedback mechanism. When you are corded with someone or something, it allows you to understand their feelings and even their thoughts to some extent.

Etheric Cords are silvery cords which connect the spiritual body of one person to the etheric body of another person. These bonds can be of different colours, textures and vary in strength – these can be strong or weak, thick or thin and bright or sparkly or dull and faded.

These bonds are based on the kind of emotions that run through these cords. Every relationship is based on these cords. Among the most common of these cords is the one which arises from the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the crux of everyone, and this is where the essence of individuals lie.

People connect from their eye chakra and the heart chakra as well. These cords tend to move as relationships change. The cords tend to change over time. For instance, a caring and loving relationship can move from a heart chakra and from being a bright and sparkly cord to becoming a dull or faded one.

Etheric Cords help us understand other people and situations in a strong manner. These cords also change and take different forms at different stages in life. It is the ability of a person to be able to understand and identify what the individual is going through at different stages.

Identifying and understanding etheric cords is, to some extent, a level of higher awareness which allows individuals to relate to one another on a three-dimensional level. Etheric Cords help individuals relate on a physical, emotional and mental level. They allow individuals to choose more effectively and to bring out the higher levels of sensory perceptions and communication as a form of understanding.

It is essential to also note that it is possible to nurture the positive cords and to request for the cords to be protected. On the other hand, when we face issues like breakups and fall-outs among friends then these cords can be broken. It is recommended to break off cords with unknown people and negative individuals in life as these negative thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on your wellness and overall well-being.

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The author is a spiritual life coach


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