Know what is your vibrational frequency, and how you can raise it

 Know what is your vibrational frequency, and how you can raise it

Happy people vibrate higher

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

You must have heard spiritual healers talking about vibrational frequency. Raise your frequency, they often tell people who approach them for resolution of certain issues they face in life.
What is this vibrational frequency, and how can one raise it? After all, frequency is something we associate with objects – that’s what falls under the purview of physics, a pure science.
Well, if you think deeply and objectively, human body is an object too! So, it is bound to have some frequency. But unlike in material objects where frequency depends upon the movement, in human body vibrational frequency depends upon feelings, thoughts, emotions, and actions and how good or bad these are. Good, positive thoughts, feelings and actions means high vibrational frequency and thinking bad about others or dwelling in negativity means low.
Your vibrational frequency depends on how you feel during most times of the day. It is a measure of your consciousness level and describes the dominant thoughts, moods, and values in your mind, which in turn is your spiritual state.
Spiritual scientists have categorised various kinds of feelings according to their frequency. Different ideas, thoughts, and emotions have specific vibrational frequencies:

700hz+ – Enlightenment
600hz – Peace
540hz – Joy
500hz – Love
400hz – Reason
350hz – Acceptance
310hz – Willingness
250hz – Neutrality
200hz – Courage
175hz – Pride
150hz – Anger
125hz – Desire
100hz – Fear
75hz – Grief
50hz – Apathy
30hz – Guilt
20hz – Shame

As you can from the above, the more desirable feelings have higher frequencies than the basest, undesirable ones, like a feeling of shame has the lowest frequency while enlightenment has the highest frequency. While only yogis and siddha purush attain enlightenment, this is something we all must aim for.

How to find out your vibrational frequency?
While it is easy to know your feelings at any given time, when you go inwards and begin assessing yourself ego comes into play. The ego bias towards self will not let you accurately assess yourself – it will make you defend your negative thought patterns and feelings by telling you that it was some external circumstance or person who caused it. It is quite a challenging process and requires you to be totally honest with yourself, about yourself – you have to be objective about yourself, neither think highly about self nor low, but be plain, simple truthful. This coming to terms with negative self is called as doing shadow work – very important if you want to rise spiritually.
Sit in a quiet place and meditate on your dominant emotions. Make a mental note of the emotions that occur, and how strongly you feel them. The one you feel most strongly about is your dominant emotion. Then look at the chart to find its frequency, and you will know whether you are vibrating high or low.

Why vibrating high is important
Enlightenment is a quality associated with highly evolved souls, yogis, who are close to God in behaviour. Souls who attain enlightenment ascend to higher realms, become Ascended Masters, which is the ultimate aim of every human being on earth.
While attaining enlightenment may be tough, vibrating at higher frequency is comparatively easy. Vibrating higher means you are attuned with the frequency of the universe, your own higher self, and the divine.
Also, your frequency has a direct impact on your energy level! You can easily make this out – when you are happy and enjoying life, you feel light as air, and think nothing is impossible, but when you are unhappy or sad about something everything seems too tough, too difficult.

How to vibrate higher
Be always mindful of how you are feeling.
Consciously chose to think positive thoughts, feel positive emotions, and live in accordance with your true self, your higher self – the one that possess God qualities.
Spread love and joy, peace and harmony.
Accept others as they are, curb that will to change them.
Smile and bless everyone who comes in contact with you- may be not outwardly but surely inwardly.
Indulge in some spiritual activity like meditation and prayer.
Whenever negative emotions like fear, anger, hate try to come to your mind, consciously turn them away by focusing on a happy thought or event. If this seems difficult, just get up and involve yourself in some physical activity so that your mind gets focused on doing that activity.










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  • Absolutely beautiful. Bless you for writing this article. Just beautiful. Peace love & light to you and all.

  • Very good article to on how to change our thinking to have peaceful life

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