Month: March 2024


Dietary guidelines for reproductive health

Dr Sulbha Arora Proper nutrition serves as a foundation for fertility as the food we consume can have a big impact on our ability to conceive and it drastically influences both male and female reproductive health. With an informed dietary choice, individuals can improve their fertility potential and increase their chances of conceiving. Health Experts […]Read More



Team L&M Whether you seek to create a cosy reading nook flooded with sunlight or revitalise a gloomy corner, this curated selection of tips promises to illuminate your home environment with warmth and vitality. Unlock the secrets to brightening dim interiors with our comprehensive guide: Karan Desai, Founder and Principal Architect, Karan Desai Studio: Architecture […]Read More


Rama, Shama, Kama

Ram… Rama…Ramayeti dominated the cultural eco system last month. With the official opening of the Ram lalla temple at Ayodhya, many artistes made a beeline to visit and have the chance to perform there. Was is to get political or media eyeballs or just sheer devotion, or both, only they can say. Each to own. […]Read More


How to maintain a stylish poolside look

Dilip Rathi As the days stretch longer and the sun starts warming the surroundings up, there’s something incredibly soothing about the thought of lounging beside a pool, feeling the gentle rays on your skin. Creating a cosy and inviting poolside space becomes a must for savouring those relaxed days and lively evenings throughout the season. […]Read More


Things to keep in mind if the new-born baby is

Dr Hari Balasubramanian In India, the concerns of underweight newborns are significant because of various factors such as poverty, lack of access to proper healthcare facilities, and inadequate maternal nutrition. Babies born with low birth weight are more prone to health issues like impaired growth and development, weakened immune systems, and an increased risk of […]Read More


Studying India through original and digitised artworks, artefacts

Team L&M An exhibition of digitised artworks, artefacts, archives and memorabilia from the Tuli Research Centre for India Studies primarily focusing on the fields of modern and contemporary art, Indian and world cinema, photography and the popular arts and crafts is currently on at the India International Centre, New Delhi. Titled Self-Discovery via Rediscovering India, […]Read More

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