Studying India through original and digitised artworks, artefacts

 Studying India through original and digitised artworks, artefacts

Political Propaganda | Nathdwara School Collage, late 1940s

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An exhibition of digitised artworks, artefacts, archives and memorabilia from the Tuli Research Centre for India Studies primarily focusing on the fields of modern and contemporary art, Indian and world cinema, photography and the popular arts and crafts is currently on at the India International Centre, New Delhi.

Titled Self-Discovery via Rediscovering India, it presents the vision and select highlights of the of India Studies through original and digitised artworks, artefacts, archives, and memorabilia from the Tuli Research Centre of India Studies (TRIS), founded by Neville Tuli.

Raghu Rai | Chawri Bazar TraffiC, delhi | Ilford-Multigrade RC– Pearl Warmtone Paper, 1966

The show focuses on the fields of Indian and World Cinema, Modern and Contemporary Fine and Popular Arts & Crafts, Photography, Architectural Heritage, Animal Welfare, Ecological Studies, and the Social Sciences. It also has several research materials and art works that are coherently integrated into an exhibition space, expressing the vast and chaotic energy and rhythms grasping the soul of one of the world’s greatest civilisations, where six thousand years are still clearly living and breathing in the modern and contemporary.

It draws on materials belonging to a single vision and collection that positions the contemporary as a living form of the ancient-medieval-modern continuum.

Ramendranath Chakravorty | Gandhiji at Dandi | Oil on canvas, Late 1930s

“The exhibition introduces one’s vision to reach out freely step by step, wide and deep, to people, and carry to them a holistic glimpse into the heart, mind and soul of India. It is structured on three levels – the physical object, the archives, and the digital formats – and rooted within the ground and context of sixteen Research Categories which structures the India Studies framework, which my thirty years of understanding India at both theoretical and practical levels has evolved,” says Tuli

On view till March 30, 11:00am to 7.00pm daily


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