Month: November 2023


Pavani Nagpal’s five-day solo show begins on Dec 1 at

Team L&M Artist Pavani Nagpal, who made her debut in the art world last year, is now holding her first solo exhibition in Delhi. The exhibition, titled SHE/HER, she is meant to be! talks about women’s empowerment. There would be 50 artworks, including paintings and sculptures on display. Through her vividly coloured canvases, this Delhi-based […]Read More


Understanding irregular periods and pregnancy

Dr Yallamanchili Suneetha Irregular menstrual cycles can be a common occurrence for many women. Factors such as stress, hormonal imbalance, weight fluctuations, and some medical conditions can all contribute to irregular periods. When a woman with irregular periods suspects she might be pregnant, it can be bit more complicated to determine if she is indeed […]Read More


National Entrepreneur Day: Championing India’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Team L&M National Entrepreneur Day (November 25) serves as a tribute to India’s vibrant entrepreneurial ethos, honoring the resilience and ingenuity of pioneers reshaping the entrepreneurial terrain. It’s an occasion to recognize their invaluable contributions, sculpting the nation’s destiny with unwavering commitment. As we mark this day, our gaze ventures optimistically toward a future where […]Read More


Moving away from the traditional method, Odisha Weaves ‘Karuna Silk’

Team L&M Breaking the traditional trend of silk production, Odisha has adopted a non-violent method to extract silk from the silkworms. Promoting ethical and sustainable practises in the trade, the state thus weaves compassion naming the product as Karuna Silk. The new initiative is drawing attention of the visitors at the ongoing India International Trade […]Read More

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