Do’s and don’ts of exercising during pollution season

 Do’s and don’ts of exercising during pollution season

Aminder Singh

Whether it’s safe to work out or go for morning walks in the face of extreme pollution has become a critical subject in a world where pollution levels are on the rise. Although maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial for general health, we also need to take air pollution into account when planning our workouts. The following are some tips for exercising during pollution season.

Exercise Indoors: You should exercise inside when there is a lot of pollution. Indoor facilities offer a regulated setting with the potential to reduce harmful pollution through the use of air purification devices. Numerous exercises are still safe to do without sacrificing your health.
Utilize Equipment: Equipment like stationary cycles, resistance bands, and weights can improve a lot of indoor workouts. These gadgets might lessen your exposure to outdoor pollution while assisting you in having a satisfying workout.
Consider the Gym: If you prefer the gym environment, consider joining a local fitness center. Gyms usually have adequate ventilation and air purification systems to create a cleaner atmosphere for exercise. It’s a safer alternative to outdoor workouts during times of high pollution.
Stay Informed: Keep an eye on air quality indexes. On days when pollution levels are exceptionally high, it’s best to skip your outdoor workout altogether. Be flexible with your exercise routine, and adapt it to the air quality conditions.

Avoid Outdoor Exercise: It is not advisable to exercise outside when there is a lot of pollution. Health issues may arise from breathing in contaminated air and the decreased oxygen supply. Pre-existing medical issues put people at more danger, therefore they should avoid exercising outside.
Breathe Polluted Air: There are major health risks associated with breathing in filthy air, such as cardiovascular and respiratory disorders. Workouts in highly polluted environments may exacerbate these effects. It’s imperative to put your health and wellbeing before outdoor exercise.
Disregard Air Quality: Pay attention to the air quality. Examine local forecasts for air quality, and stay indoors during periods of excessive pollution. Pay attention to your body and put safety first.
Underestimate Indoor Workouts: Exercises done inside can be equally as beneficial as those done outside. You can do a lot of yoga, HIIT, and bodyweight workouts in a gym or at home. There’s no reason to jeopardize your health by working out in an unhealthy atmosphere.
Exercising outside during periods of extreme pollution is not as beneficial to your health as it would be. It’s critical to put your health first by working out indoors, using equipment, and keeping an eye on the air quality. Always bear in mind that a healthy workout is one that improves your general health and safety. Thus, the sensible decision to exercise in highly polluted areas is to stay indoors and breathe cleaner air.

Aminder Singh is a fitness coach and Founder, Team Aminder



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