Yaad Karoge by Vasudev Gandharv talks about misunderstandings in love

 Yaad Karoge by Vasudev Gandharv talks about misunderstandings in love

Love can be magical. Love can also be unforgiving. Singer Yaad Karoge and II Music explore the painful side of love with their latest song titled Yaad Karoge. Tackling the tragic outcome of misunderstandings in a relationship, it is a Qawwali that shows the deep-rooted ache of a man who is unable to convey his feelings till it is too late.

Written and composed by Vasudev Gandharv, with vocals by Vasudev Gandharv and Hricha Narayana, it instantly appeals to the ears with its passionate identity. With heart-touching lyrics that embody the theme of the song, and moving music that elevates the entire experience, it is sure to resonate with every person who has a story of ‘love that got away’.

A unique and original talent from the royal land of Rajasthan, Vasudev Gandharv is a voice with a distinctly Indian flavor. Vasudev’s discography contains a vibrant array of songs that have won the hearts of countless youth.

The latest song also boasts of a music video that displays the grief of one-sided love. Featuring actors Rishav Basu as the lovelorn soul and Aishwariya Sen as the love interest, the video showcases the journey of friends who could never be more than friends. May it be Rishav’s powerful act as the heartbroken man or Aishwariya’s mature portrayal of the kind but oblivious friend.

Talking about his latest release, Gandharv said, “Yaad Karoge is not just another song about unrequited love; it is the reality of many souls in the world. The journey of discovering this tune was challenging and equally rewarding. This song is also an ode to the Qawwalis of yesteryear that added a magical sense of romanticism to heartbreak”.

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Rohit Sobti, Co- Founder of II Music, said, “What makes it unique is how it brings the old school charm of a Qawwali to the fore with a tale of one-sided love. At II Music, we always encourage artists to think out of the box and explore their true selves, and Vasudev has done this with his latest song”.

The song is available on all leading music platforms. The music video is now live on YouTube.


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