This artist turns electronic waste into exceptional pieces of art

 This artist turns electronic waste into exceptional pieces of art

E-waste Artist Vishwanath Mallabadi Davangere with his art work

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If you want to explore the beauty of art crafted from electronic-waste, you must visit EcoInnovations: Transforming Waste into Wonders currently on at the India International Centre in New Delhi. A solo show of Bengaluru-based artist Vishwanath Mallabadi Davangere, the speaks about how environment can be conserved by minimising the waste that goes to landfill sites, how one can breathe new life into discarded electronic waste, repurpose gadgets and devices that would otherwise be discarded. Each of the artworks at the show embodies a harmonious fusion of form, texture, and functionality.

African Bust

A distinguished contemporary eco-artist, Vishwanath is well-known for his mastery in creating exquisite art works from electronic waste. Each of his artworks embodies a harmonious fusion of form, texture, and functionality, showcasing the unique qualities of the materials he meticulously selects. His sculptures and installations are made from electronic components like resistors, PCBs, keyboard mylar sheets, capacitors, SFPs, copper coils, colorful wires, and inductors etc. He also experiments with other materials like plastic, scrap denim, metal, and wood, further enriching his creative repertoire.

Dazzle Fish and Trendy Torso

The global challenge of e-waste, encompassing discarded electronic devices and equipment, continues to escalate due to rapid technological advancements and increased electronic product consumption. While entirely eliminating e-waste may be a daunting task, concerted efforts can be made to minimise and manage it effectively.

Azim Premji – Collage Portrait

Vishwanath’s mission extends beyond artistic expression; it carries a profound environmental message. As an eco-artist, he firmly believes in the transformative power of art to provoke contemplation and drive positive change. Through his innovative approach to repurposing e-waste, he not only crafts visually striking pieces but also encourages meaningful dialogue and engagement regarding the critical need for responsible electronic waste management.

Corona Demon (left) and Corona Mandala

His extensive upcycling efforts align with the principles of the circular economy, aiming to minimise waste, maximize resource efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions. Vishwanath’s commitment to these principles reflects his dedication to creating a sustainable impact on the environment.

The exhibition is on till December 3, (11am-7pm) at
Art Gallery, Kamaladevi Complex, IIC, New Delhi


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