Month: October 2023


The Frozen Future: Exploring the World of Cryopreservation

Dr Duru Shah In today’s rapidly evolving world of reproductive technology, cryopreservation, or the freezing of embryos, eggs, and sperm, has become a hot topic of discussion. It raises important questions about the potential harm to embryos, the well-being of children born from frozen cells, and the reasons for and timing of cryopreservation. Let’s delve […]Read More


What is the right age to start using hyaluronic acid?

Dr Ravi Kothari If you search for any skincare advice, there’s a high chance you’ll stumble upon an ingredient called hyaluronic acid. From serums to moisturisers, to aesthetic procedures, hyaluronic acid has become the magic potion in today’s skincare routines. What is hyaluronic acid? If you’re suffering from rough and dull skin, with an increase […]Read More

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