Zimero introduces ‘Vrat-Friendly’ ice creams for fasting people

 Zimero introduces ‘Vrat-Friendly’ ice creams for fasting people

Vrat-friendly Belgian Chocolate ice cream from Zimero

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Zimero, known for pure, authentic ice cream, has introduced its mouthwatering selection of vrat-friendly ice creams. These treats have been carefully crafted to add a touch of indulgence to the traditional fasting (vrat) experience during this festive season. These will allow people to follow their dietary restrictions while enjoying the deliciousness of ice cream.

The flavours offered in this line include Belgian Chocolate, Filter Coffee, Ghana Dark Chocolate, Jags ‘n’ Crunch, and Kesar Almond Pista.

South Indian Filter Coffee Mood (left) and Jags n Crunch Ice Cream

Filter Coffee perfectly captures the flavor of South Indian coffee, while Belgian chocolate, with its creamy richness, offers a sweet indulgence. The Ghana Dark Chocolate offers a rich and potent chocolate experience, and the Kesar Almond Pista combines the nuttiness of almonds with the sweetness of kesar (saffron), creating a flavor that is utterly distinct and satisfying. The Jags ‘n’ Crunch ice cream is a unique and delicious mix of jaggery ice cream with walnut and cashew nuts, making for a sweet, sugar-free, and crunchy dessert treat.

Says Zimero Founder, Shuchi Jain, “We believe in making every moment special, and that includes the time spent during fasts. We have curated these ice creams so that you can enjoy the flavours you adore while keeping your fasts.”


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