Pavani Nagpal’s five-day solo show begins on Dec 1 at Sainik Farms

 Pavani Nagpal’s five-day solo show begins on Dec 1 at Sainik Farms

Artist Pavani Nagpal with one of her artworks

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Artist Pavani Nagpal, who made her debut in the art world last year, is now holding her first solo exhibition in Delhi. The exhibition, titled SHE/HER, she is meant to be! talks about women’s empowerment. There would be 50 artworks, including paintings and sculptures on display.

Through her vividly coloured canvases, this Delhi-based artist redefines art and women’s empowerment. Narrating captivating stories of strength and resilience , Pavani’s works are a huge celebration of womanhood, one graphic brushstroke at a time.

Pavani Nagpal’s depiction of devis, Adishakti (left) and Siddhidhatri

Her paintings are provocative and thought-provoking. They are a mix of pop art and desi fun. Her style is unique and very in the face. It’s remarkable how Pavani never paints eyes in her paintings. She believes it’s more important to highlight the story, emotion and depth than to paint the obvious facial features. She invites you to draw your own interpretations while viewing her work.

The artist’s representation, of feminine energy is palpable in every ‘story’ she paints on her canvas which is a celebration of womanhood in all its glory. For me, the feminine energy is a symbol of power that I find very close to my existence. Feminine energy and divinity being at the core of this series, I have brought out my interpretations of the modern Indian woman – bejewelled, possessing every luxury, one who manages family, work, kids and so much more!,” says Pavani Nagpal.

FROM:  December 1-5
AT: Rang Mirage Art Gallery, Sainik Farms


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