A no-nonsense guide to weight loss and a fit & healthy you

 A no-nonsense guide to weight loss and a fit & healthy you

Sukriti Tankha

Dietician Kavita Devgan’s latest offering The Don’t Diet Plan (Rupa Publishing) is a no-nonsense guide to weight-loss in which she tells you ways and means of achieving a healthy and fit body.

A firm believer that a permanent weightloss can only be achieved by changing how and when we eat what we eat, Devgan’s new book, like her earlier ones, advises everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle rather than indulge in fad dieting.

The book is divided into three parts: The Basics, The Specifics and The Targetted Tricks.

The first part talks about how simple changes in eating habits lead to huge paybacks. Here she also advises against obsessing over weight, desist from fad dieting, staying away from over-eating as well as processed foods. This section also has a quiz that will help you decide if you are being paranoid over your weight.

The second section, the lengthiest of the three, talks about what and how much to eat, how to detox the body and how one can beat the bloating and get rid of belly fat, something about which most of us are always most concerned about. She also gives some quick and easy recipes that you can make no matter how tight your daily schedule is.

In the third section, the author talks about adopting a right attitude, and mouthing the right words. And for those who have reached a weight-loss plateau, there are ample tips on how to break it, in this section.

The Don’t Diet Plan is a much needed book at all times, more so the current Covid times when we need good food to boost immunity. The author doesn’t promise any over-night results but tells you to be patient with your body, and in control of yourself. And as always, she stresses on portion control rather than total abstinence from food items. The simple diet hacks she gives are quite workable and easy to follow.

As are all her other books, this book too is not a preachy self-help book that talks and talks, but gives you handy tips on how to achieve your fitness goals.

Go for it, guys. It is worth every rupee of the Rs 295 you will spend.


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