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JUST DIAL REPORT India searched for schools, hobby classes, restaurants,

Team L&M Rapid digitisation has bridged the gap between India’s big cities and smaller towns, with schools, hobby classes, restaurants, hospitals, PG accommodation services, beauty parlours, hostels, car hire, hotels, and tutorials being the top-10 most searched services in 2022, reports Justdial Annual Search Report – How India Searched in 2022? A smartphone in hand […]Read More


E-book on Coronavirus’ myths and evolution

Team L&M An e-book on the history, evolution, facts and myths around coronavirus, before the subsequent release of its physical form in the market, was released recently. Available on e-commerce websites, the e-book — The Coronavirus: What you Need to Know about the Global Pandemic — has been has been written by Dr Swapneil Parikh, […]Read More


Books to help you sail through quarantine

Garima Batra We have been in quarantine for over a week now and some of us are bored. Bored of having nothing to do, isn’t it? For those nodding their heads in denial must have been ‘busy’ counting the number of tiles in their bathroom or the number of times the fan rotates before finally […]Read More

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