Books to help you sail through quarantine

 Books to help you sail through quarantine

Garima Batra

We have been in quarantine for over a week now and some of us are bored. Bored of having nothing to do, isn’t it? For those nodding their heads in denial must have been ‘busy’ counting the number of tiles in their bathroom or the number of times the fan rotates before finally coming to a stop. We suggest you pick up on reading during this period. Let this be that golden chance to bring back reading in your daily schedule and just wander in the magical world of books.

We have picked up a few to get you going…


Roads to Mussoorie
For the literature craver in you, we suggest the eternal Ruskin Bond. Pick up any of his works and you will find yourself immersed in his stories and poetry. We suggest Roads to Mussoorie, Delhi Is Not Far, The Best of Ruskin Bond and Great Stories for Children.


The Namesake
We might have watched the movie but do you know, it was adapted from Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel by the same name? For those of you who prefer love stories, her books are to vouch for. She even received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for her debut collection of short stories (Interpreter of Maladies). So, she definitely has to be on the list.


The Collected Poems
Satiate that poet in you by reading The Collected Poems by Vikram Seth. You can also give a shot at his A Suitable Boy if you prefer stuff from post-Independence era.

Mills and Boons or Chicken Soup?
To fulfill your dose of love for that die hard romantic lover in you, pick any copy of them and just get lost in their magical stories. Revisit to the time when love was pure and innocent.

Eleven Minutes
Well, this book by Paulo Coelho will definitely will take more time than 11 minutes to read but we know for sure that you would like it. With its unique story line and presentation, you might find yourself on the quest of finding the inner you.

The Kite Runner
This book should be on your list if you want a twisted story set in war zone times in Afghanistan. It is packed with emotions in all kinds of relationships, focussing majorly on father-son and friendship.

Optimism Is The Key
To refill your optimistic quotient and gain strength to face challenges in life, go for motivational and inspirational books. We recommend You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay (the book stresses on importance of self-love and appreciation. The author even shares about her journey with cancer) and Life Is What You Make It by Preeti Shenoy (She shares her journey while battling with bipolar disorder).

Almost Single
The novel is packed with humour, love, customs, family and drama about mother-daughter disagreements on marriage as the clock is ticking. Advaita Kala will surely win your heart with her work. If you like this one, then you can read Almost There too.

Everyone Can Cook by Vikas Khanna
For that foodie in you, who wants to give a shot at cooking but is unable to, this one is a must read. Through his expertise and suggestions, Vikas Khanna makes the process seamless and easy. Who knows, maybe you end being a chef too because as the book conveys — cooking can be fun too!

India In 80 Trains
Get ready to explore the nation through the eyes of an author on a train journey by Monisha Rajesh. Travel with her in her adventurous yet eye-opening train journey while roaming the picturesque locations in your imagination.

sail sail
Perfect time to pick up Ramayana, Gita, Bible, Quran or Sukhmani Sahib to revisit our mythology. Let’s admit it, many of us might just know bits and pieces about our religions. For we would have never got a chance to read them completely due to our busy schedules with the process of growing up. For those who did manage to read them back then, let this be the time to revisit that favourite passage or verse of yours and may be, read it to your grandparents, parents or your children.
So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, get reading…


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