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A day in the lives of…

Team L&M There are some stories which you read and forget. And then there are others which remain with you forever. A Year of Wednesdays by Sonia Bahl (Fingerprint!; Rs 299) falls in the latter category for the sheer connect it manages to establish with the reader right from the beginning. The story of this […]Read More


Not just entertaining but educative too

Saurabh Tankha Trisha Das’ Kama’s Last Sutra (Harper Collins, Rs 299, Pages 299) is a feminist fantasy novel that travels across time, foregrounds women’s sexual agency, challenges gender roles, sexual taboos and caste divisions. Protagonist Tara Singh, an archaeologist, is on an excavation project in the ruins near Khajuraho, hoping to unearth a new temple […]Read More


For a healthy tomorrow

Team L&M Books play a very crucial role in everyone’s life, more so that of kids. As they say, books are considered man’s best friend — the wealth of knowledge they give is unparalleled. There are few publishers that have dedicated themselves for children, and Katha Books, founded by Padma Shri Geeta Dharmrajan in 1988, is one […]Read More


Life, work and play in Gurugram

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha Lest you are mistaken, Debeshi Gooptu’s Gurgaon Diaries (Rupa, 226 pages, Rs 295) is not in a diary format despite its title. Rather it is a collection of small stories, anecdotes to be precise, presented randomly — each one driving home the point that in spite of being an IT hub sporting […]Read More


A tale of three journeys and more in Ramona

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha Conventionally, a sequel does not always gets its creator the accolades or recognition he or she would have achieved for the former one. But, exceptions are always there. Manoj V Jain’s fourth novel, a sequel to his third creation, Balraj is such an exception. Jain in author’s note mentions a number of messages […]Read More

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