LSR student Gauri Minocha holds her first solo show of paintings tomorrow

 LSR student Gauri Minocha holds her first solo show of paintings tomorrow

The art, and the artist

Anurag Kaul

Just 19, but Gauri Minocha is already an artist par excellence. A Psychology student at Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University, Gauri is showcasing 60 of her artworks at the solo show, The Journey Has Just Begun, tomorrow at Alliance Francaise de Delhi, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi. “These works depict my journey as an artist, how my painting style has changed over the years – some works are acrylic, some water colour, others charcoal or mixed media,” she says. Excerpts from an interview:

Who inspired you to become an artist?
My mother – I have always seen her involved in the creative field. She is an artist and has been in this field for more than 30 years now. So she has influenced me and encouraged me a lot. Even my father. As a young child, with my mother, I would attend art exhibitions of other artists and also the ones that were curated by her. So I would get excited by just seeing the different types of artworks and colours and aspired to become an artist when I’m older. Both my parents, in fact, even my brother as well, always encouraged me to pursue my dream.

But, why did you want to be an artist?
I feel every form of art, be it poetry, music, visual art, are the strongest means of expression. Personally, in most of my paintings, I have expressed my own feelings, emotions and stories. I wanted to be an artist to tell my story to people and the world.

Did you participate in competitions at your school/college level?
At my school (Vasant Valley School, New Delhi), I was given the position of the Visual Coordinator, the head of the Art Department in Class 12. I have been involved in art workshops, competitions and projects since 2014 when I was in Class 6. I have been part of making huge installations for school, I have represented my school in competitions and exhibitions, and organised art events in school. I made a portrait of Shri Hariprasad Chaurasia and gifted it myself on the behalf of my school. Along with this, every year from 2014-2021 I have achieved awards for Applied Art and Visual Art.

Do you want to turn into a full-time artist?
Yes, my dream is to become a full- time artist, either a fine artist or a graphic designer. I plan to pursue my further education in one of the top-most art colleges abroad so that I can get the experience, exposure and opportunities.
I believe a person can sustain by just being a full time artist. There is nothing that doesn’t involve art. Artists are required everywhere, in every type of occupation. I think that this is a huge misconception that artists do not have a good economic status, artists are talented, and talent is always acknowledged and respected by others.

How many hours in a day do you paint? And, which medium do you like the most?
I try to paint at least 3/4 times a week whenever I get the time in between college. But when I paint, I paint for 6-7 hours at a stretch without getting tired. I play my favourite music and just get completely lost in my artwork which I create in my own studio.
My most favourite form of medium is mixed media. I can then use a number of tools and paints and not just restrict myself to a single medium. This gives me the freedom to explore myself and my thoughts and create something completely different and extraordinary.

What are your other interests, hobbies?
I enjoy studying Psychology, it has always been one of my favourite subjects. As an artist, I like to combine the psychological knowledge that I have into my paintings and merge the two disciplines. Along with this, I like to watch rom-com movies and I really enjoying exercising and just keeping myself fit!


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