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Art on carpet

Saurabh Tankha To mark the breast cancer awareness month and raise awareness about the rising number of cases of breast cancer worldwide as well as garner funds to support treatment expenses of patients who need it the most, an exhibition with a limited edition collection of handwoven and tufted carpets in wool and silk will […]Read More

Art is in everything, everywhere

Saurabh Tankha Professionally, she is a business administrator and publicist. But her taste for colours and shapes led her to study graphic design which helped her improve and expand her taste for painting and plastic arts. Venezuelan artist Mili Montiel says she fell in love with colours upon her arrival in India with her husband, […]Read More

Triveni: A platform for creative artistic expression

Saurabh Tankha My first brush with Triveni (Kala Sangam) must have been in the late 70s or perhaps the early 80s — my maternal uncle had put up an exhibition of his batik works at Shridharani Gallery. A couple of visits happened thereafter during my college days with friends but only to grab a bite […]Read More

Environment and nature form the core of Bangladeshi artist

Team L&M Ages and ages of running after pleasure and instant gratification have dulled our very souls. We have traded simplicity for complexity, clean air for smog and machines for spirit. We have corrupted the soil we tread, the air we breathe and the water we drink. The consequences are here now, cutting holes into […]Read More

Mumbai gets its longest art mural

Around 3,000 Mumbaikars from all walks of life got together and participated in creating the longest art mural. This initiative was a part of Mumbai Metro One’s annual art festival, Majhi Metro, with a host of activities like painting, poetry and photography and lots of innovation to showcase the artist’s vibes and thoughts in interesting […]Read More