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Art is in everything, everywhere

Saurabh Tankha Professionally, she is a business administrator and publicist. But her taste for colours and shapes led her to study graphic design which helped her improve and expand her taste for painting and plastic arts. Venezuelan artist Mili Montiel says she fell in love with colours upon her arrival in India with her husband, […]Read More

Environment and nature form the core of Bangladeshi artist

Team L&M Ages and ages of running after pleasure and instant gratification have dulled our very souls. We have traded simplicity for complexity, clean air for smog and machines for spirit. We have corrupted the soil we tread, the air we breathe and the water we drink. The consequences are here now, cutting holes into […]Read More

Between the layers of time

Saurabh Tankha Half-an-hour with him and the famous Hindi movie song from Manoj Kumar-starrer Shor, jeevan chalne ka naam, chalte raho subah aur shaam comes to your mind. Rajkavi Inderjit Singh Tulsi may have penned the lyrics for a man wanting to collect money to get his ailing son treated by cycling day-and-night on the […]Read More

No more browns on your furniture now

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha As an artist, she often wondered why furniture, which takes up so much room in any living space, must be in boring shades of brown? She felt tempted that there is such a large blank canvas available to us yet all we want is various shades of browns. Convinced that there were […]Read More

Art allows me to rediscover myself

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha For artist Neeti Aggarwal, painting, besides being a passion since childhood, is akin to meditation. The Hardwar-born artist, who recently did a show of her works in the Convention Foyer of India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, says art allows her to rediscover herself “and creating art gives me immense personal gratification. I […]Read More

‘I try to spread positivity, happiness and joy through my

Saurabh Tankha It is not every day that you get to interact with an artist who hails from the culturally oriented city of Kolkata but belongs to a family of businessmen. And that too from a Marwari business family. But then such happenstances do take place as they did in the case of Swati Pasari. […]Read More

DAG to present Modern Indian Art Collection at Masterpiece London

For the third year running, DAG (formerly known as Delhi Art Gallery) will be participating at Masterpiece London 2018, the UK’s leading cross collecting fair for art, design and collectibles. For this year’s edition, June 28-July 4, DAG’s focus at its enlarged, 90 sqm booth is sharper, and creates a narrative for Indian modern art […]Read More

A Place To Which We Belong focusses on forms of

Not only does land offers itself as a visual metaphor of lived experiences but as a tactile archive for artist Shalina S Vichitra. Her paintings function as visceral geographical annotations and recordings that employ the tools of cartography to address the complex subject of ‘belonging’. The fragile balance between natural world and human habitation surfaces […]Read More