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Put time to good use

Vivek Bhatia An investment in knowledge pays the best interest — said Benjamin Franklin. I truly believe in this statement and hence have been making efforts to gather more and more knowledge during this self-isolation phase. I had always been curious to learn about share markets for quite a long time. I was inclined towards […]Read More


Time to explore new hobbies

Pushpesh Dhingra The major change I have experienced during this lockdown period is that I am getting to spend quality time with my family. This was something I had missing for long as everyone had been busy with their daily routines. This period has been one of the best of my life and I have […]Read More


Time to stay positive

Chandni Mahajan and Maan Jalta The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives drastically. We are forced to amend our routines, habits, mindset and lifestyle. After the spike in Coronavirus cases in India, we took it very seriously and decided to shut our office in Delhi. We started to work from home and urged […]Read More


Time to unlock your creativity

Varsha Lad Hope and determination — these two promises will keep our spirit alive and high today and always. Looking at the world today, anybody can feel despair but it is very difficult to be hopeful in this situation. I am fully convinced that hope is a decision and it is our own determination. A […]Read More


Utilising time to connect with God

Upasana Kaura For me, this period of lockdown has been a blessing in disguise. I have taken this as an opportunity God has given me to introspect and know myself better. Ever since the lockdown began, I have made it a point to meditate once a day, preferably in the mornings, to connect with the […]Read More


Life is a musical journey: Gwen Diaz

Saurabh Tankha Nothing impossible I have found For when my chin is on the ground I pick myself up, dust myself off And start all over again. “These lyrics have always got me going,” says singer-songwriter Gwen Diaz, all set to release her second single, Time, from her debut album, Gwen And The Groove in […]Read More

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