Time to stay positive

 Time to stay positive

Chandni Mahajan and Maan Jalta

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives drastically. We are forced to amend our routines, habits, mindset and lifestyle. After the spike in Coronavirus cases in India, we took it very seriously and decided to shut our office in Delhi. We started to work from home and urged our employees not to move out of their abodes. Till this time, we had asked our cook and maid to go on a paid leave.

We spent a couple of days in Delhi and just before the total lockdown was declared, we got a chance to head towards mountains — to our hometown, Shimla. We decided to self-quarantine for a fortnight before going to our apple farm in village RuhilDhar from Shimla city.

Here, life is going very smooth because till now there are no cases of Coronavirus in the whole Shimla district. Against the sad backdrop of the Coronavirus, we are having the joy and pleasure of spending quality time with our family and enjoying the pleasant views and weather in the lap of Nature. The best part of the village is that it is scarcely populated so we have the comfort and liberty to walk amid the greens of Apple Valley. Blooming season of apples and cherry blossoms make it the perfect time to visit an orchard.

During Life in Lockdown, while there’s bliss in having the family together, there are some serious and critical aspects to it as well. The other side of the coin is that we are having a tough time dealing with the impact of our start-up’s business. The best we can do is to cope up with the quarantine life and stay positive during this challenging phase of life.

Chandni and Maan are the founders of Brand Stand Bespoke Communications


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