Utilising time to connect with God

 Utilising time to connect with God

Upasana Kaura

For me, this period of lockdown has been a blessing in disguise. I have taken this as an opportunity God has given me to introspect and know myself better. Ever since the lockdown began, I have made it a point to meditate once a day, preferably in the mornings, to connect with the Higher Self and ask for forgiveness for all the wrongs done to Mother Earth by us humans.

As I am an educationist, I hardly get time through the day – early mornings to late afternoons are in school and evenings to nights are spent checking students’ assignments and preparing for the next day. The remaining “me time” is utilised for cooking food, watching television and with family. That is my daily timetable.

However, these lockdown days have resulted in this timetable going completely topsy-turvy. Though the only advantage these days is that the school schedule ends at two in the afternoon vis-à-vis normal school days where I do not get free before four in the evenings. After the online meetings on zoom get over, I prepare presentations for the next day and then it is all the time in the world for myself, especially for my family which has got majorly neglected all these years. I am trying out new recipes every other day for my daughter which has been a nice change for her. She, in fact, one of the happiest people around, as I have never been able to be with her in the afternoons except on holidays.

Kaura is an educationist


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