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Can someone go better than God?

Team L&M Former Australia speedster Brett Lee believes Virat Kohli can surpass the extraordinary feat of “god” Sachin Tendulkar. “We are talking about phenomenal numbers here, so you mentioned seven to eight years of cricket and at the rate he (Virat Kohli) is going, yes, he can definitely knock it off,” Lee said while speaking […]Read More


Way to freedom is within us

Vanshika Bisaria We, humans, seem to be in a similar situation as a caged bird or animal — though with an illusion of freedom. This illusion may be due to the fact that somewhere deep inside, we know this period won’t last forever. That we are humans and will eventually get free from it all. […]Read More


Utilising time to connect with God

Upasana Kaura For me, this period of lockdown has been a blessing in disguise. I have taken this as an opportunity God has given me to introspect and know myself better. Ever since the lockdown began, I have made it a point to meditate once a day, preferably in the mornings, to connect with the […]Read More

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