Is God an extraterrestrial ? Or an extraterrestrial a God?

 Is God an extraterrestrial ? Or an extraterrestrial a God?

The Time Traveller

Who are the gods of mankind and do they move around in flying saucers? A strange question, isn’t it? Can this god be equated with Extraterrestrial? And why Extraterrestrial of all things? Because neither do we know anything about god nor our fabled Extraterrestrial. Going by what has been visible by way of fly-pasts of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) for hundreds of years and their sudden appearances and disappearances, can we not safely assume that our god could be Extraterrestrial or perhaps vice-versa.

Mythology and ancient texts, about which we know only as much as science and religion want us to know, tell us that there is indeed a god up there who is all powerful. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Remember, our god is all powerful so could we draw our own conclusions? A rather terrifying conclusion if taken as one.

Why do Extraterrestrials keep visiting us periodically? What purpose do we serve for Extraterrestrials who supposedly are thousands of years advanced scientifically? Or are we the children of gods brought here for a specific purpose after hurtling through interstellar space for billions of light years or perhaps, time travellers.



Are we genetically engineered or a hybrid developed by some advanced civilisation for amusement or perhaps for experimentation?


Even on earth, we still remain time travellers as per the universal code of galactic laws. One would instantly wonder what are galactic laws and how are we connected? Frankly, the writer of this piece has no idea what galactic laws are? This terminology is heard only in sci-fi movies but since we happen to be a part of some galaxy and are hurtling through interstellar space along with the galaxy we are attached to, or are a part of, we can safely consider ourselves as time travellers going somewhere but where?

Are we genetically engineered or a hybrid developed by some advanced civilisation for amusement or perhaps for experimentation? From all accounts dinned into our heads by research scholars and scientists, we have evolved genetically and become man as we know him today by a simple process of evolution. Be that as it may, how did evolution take place when there was nothing to evolve from?

Coming to modern-day science and technology — we know there is an intelligent design that has brought things to such a pass. But what about the timeframe where the cave man had no guidance from anyone? He simply had to innovate and quickly at that. One wonders as to his basic intelligence that surprisingly developed rather fast and over so short a period of time. For example, did man grow vegetables by a simple process of trial and error? If yes, then he must have chanced upon seeds that grew as vegetables or did some intelligence teach him how to do it. Logically, trial and error method takes hundreds if not thousands of years to be even able to identify the seeds of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Just how did he identify the seeds that produced even the humble corn? Point to ponder surely.

So, we are back to square one again. God. Extraterrestrial. The process of evolution just happens to have evolved over a short span of time. Did anyone guide ancient man towards this organised living? Was there a date when man decided to come together as a society and build a village with homes of mud and thatch and grow vegetables and fruits? How did the cave man know how to light a fire?

If he did then he surely must have been a complete wonder in basic intelligence and definitely not a cave man at all. He probably was a survivor of some horrendous nuclear war fought on planet earth thousands of years ago and aware of the knowledge and survival techniques. And was there a nuclear war among the inhabitants of earth in the distant past? Ancient Indian scriptures speak of many. Descriptions of wars in the Ramayana and Mahabharata are surely eyeopeners. Aren’t they?


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