Time to unlock your creativity

 Time to unlock your creativity

Varsha Lad

Hope and determination — these two promises will keep our spirit alive and high today and always. Looking at the world today, anybody can feel despair but it is very difficult to be hopeful in this situation. I am fully convinced that hope is a decision and it is our own determination. A person of hope can always advance. We must possess the treasure of hope and shouldn’t let ourselves be paralysed by despair.

The whole world is facing a problem today because of lockdown and I am sure everybody’s vocabulary has increased by at least three words — lockdown, quarantine and social distancing. I found that many people keep searching and forwarding some positive messages. This is absolutely fine but I suggest — appreciate them but be self-motivated.

This lockdown has given me meditative experience of solitude. It does not mean I am sitting and meditating for hours and hours. Work done in true spirit is my meditation. We have a team of two, me and my son. In fact nowadays, I am working three times. As we know, nowadays there is no outsourcing. I am working means balancing Work From Home. There was always a spark in me and these days have really helped me get back in the groove and I am finding that 24 hours are less.

We are amenable to the young generation and being a teacher and an artist, all the blessings that I have received from God, I feel, must pass it on. I have always been a self-motivated person, always thinking of the next. I sometimes forget that we are living in a lockdown because of Covid-19. In this lockdown, I am trying to create videos of my own creativity with the resources at hands. Spending more time in creating best out of waste. A person of hope can always advance is my factual experience.

My perspective towards life is always vast and wide. In these tense days of lockdown, Doordarshan invited me to teach some creative activities for kids on TV, ones living with less accessibility. I think it was my small contribution towards the nation. That day I saw Delhi, the Capital of Our Nation without – “We, the People of India”. Only our police force, Rashtra Ke Prahari, were on the roads. But whenever I looked out the window, all the cars are parked in a row for days and days as if waiting for the day to once again back on the track of the life. Somewhere that flash of dark light reminds, Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

And unknowingly, I started singing this song

Varsha is an educationist and an artist


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