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Time to unlock your creativity

Varsha Lad Hope and determination — these two promises will keep our spirit alive and high today and always. Looking at the world today, anybody can feel despair but it is very difficult to be hopeful in this situation. I am fully convinced that hope is a decision and it is our own determination. A […]Read More


Listening to music calms me down

Dr Blossom Kochhar For years, I have been on my toes — working round-the-clock. This is for the first time that I have actually sat down and relaxed. But that doesn’t mean I am away from work. I, along with the people of my company, are constantly at work. I try to be in touch […]Read More


The ultimate power is within

Sadhguru Unfortunately, as most human beings have not found any sense of deep fulfillment within themselves, they are constantly hankering for dominance. When power becomes a means to dominate, it becomes ugly. But we need to understand that it is not just political or economic, there are various ways to be powerful – throughlove and […]Read More

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