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The ultimate power within

Sadhguru, Isha Foundation Unfortunately, as most human beings have not found any sense of deep fulfillment within themselves, they are constantly hankering for dominance. When power becomes a means to dominate, it becomes ugly. But we need to understand that power is not just political or economic, there are various ways to be powerful – […]Read More

Be happy, Be healthy, Be strong & live long

On the day marked as International Day of Happiness (March 20), guest writer Sheela Seharawat gives us a few tips of keeping happy. Greek philosopher Aristotle once said — “Happiness is the purpose and meaning of life, whole aim and the end of human existence.” His words, said about 2,000 years ago, hold true even […]Read More

Five tips for a healthy and stress-free life

Team L&M Have you ever wondered why some people are calmness personified while others you come across flare up at the slightest trigger? Why some people remain healthy all the time, while others keep battling with one or the other health issue? Well, it has all to do with how we live our life on […]Read More

5 lifestyle changes to beat depression

Dolly Kumar Feeling gloomy and low on mood from time-to-time is a normal part of life, but if the despair and anxiety cripples you for a long period of time, it could be an indication of a severe disorder, depression. Depression is a mood disorder which is characterised by intense feelings of sadness, grief, melancholy, […]Read More