Listening to music calms me down

 Listening to music calms me down

Dr Blossom Kochhar

For years, I have been on my toes — working round-the-clock. This is for the first time that I have actually sat down and relaxed. But that doesn’t mean I am away from work. I, along with the people of my company, are constantly at work. I try to be in touch with all of them and we are working on how to work during and post-Covid-19. I am taking out a lot of time for myself — doing an online photography course, practising djembe again and listening to a lot of music as it calms me down. Most importantly, I am spending quality time with my family. It is good to talk and spend time together with not much work at the back of our heads. I am calling all my relatives whom I couldn’t because of my busy schedule. And I make sure to exercise a lot. I do yoga and meditation. My brother and I constantly compete against each other as to who completes more steps in a day. I know it is a difficult situation for all of us but we have to be strong and follow the government’s rules.

Dr Kochhar is the founder and chairperson of the Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies institutionalised


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