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Mushroom derived bioactive compounds can combat COVID19, other viral infections

Team L&M Natural anti-infective, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antithrombotic products derived from a wide range of easily sourced mushrooms and their bioactive molecules have the potential to combat covid, according to a new paper. The Covid19 pandemic brought the focus on bioactive ingredients that boost the immune system. Consequently, scientists worldwide resumed intensive studies on bioactive […]Read More


Chatbots in health crisis management: Lessons learnt from global outbreaks

Team L&M With the increase in the frequency of global health crises, chatbots have proven to be invaluable tools for managing and mitigating the impact of such outbreaks. These intelligent conversational agents have played a pivotal role in disseminating information, providing timely updates, and offering support to individuals and communities affected by these crises. In […]Read More


WORLD DANCE DAY: Attendance is compulsory!

Team L&M April 29 is UN designated International Day for Dance. Why it chose a lesser-known French ballet master Jean John Nouverre shows euro-centricism of these agencies, as if rest of the world and its dance cultures don’t matter! India has biggest dance culture: nine main forms, over 100 folk , tribal, ritual forms, add […]Read More


Researchers develop plasma-based green disinfectant that can limit Covid19 spread

Team L&M Researchers have developed a plasma-based disinfectant generated with the help of cold atmospheric pressure plasma (CAP) which could act as a green decontaminant for Covid19. This is much better than most decontaminants that consist of chemicals which are hazardous for the environment. A team of scientists Dr Kamatchi Sankaranarayanan, Dr Mojibur R Khan, […]Read More

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