INTERNATIONAL DAY OF HAPPINESS Be happy, Be healthy, Be strong & live long

 INTERNATIONAL DAY OF HAPPINESS Be happy, Be healthy, Be strong & live long

Sheela Seharawat

Today, March 20, is International Day of Happiness (March 20), I give you certain to keep you happy.

Greek philosopher Aristotle once said — “Happiness is the purpose and meaning of life, whole aim and the end of human existence.” His words, said about 2,000 years ago, hold true even today. Happiness is an individual perspective, and it is up to an individual to know, identify and determine what makes him/her happy.

How often we fantasize a world that is full of happiness, exploding with joy and wearing continuous smile on our face. In this ultimate quest for happiness and in order to inspire, mobilize and progress the global happiness movement the International Day of Happiness is celebrated across the globe every year on March 20. The day was conceptualized by philanthropist, statesman, activist and a prominent United Nations special advisor Jayme Illien. He was an orphan rescued from the Calcutta, India by mother Teresa’s International Mission of Hope charities, and later adopted by a then 45-year-old single white American woman named Anna Belle Illien.

What can one gain by staying happy?

Happiness has many advantages. It is a proven fact that happiness and health go hand in hand. Here are some of the many advantages that people enjoy staying happy:

Have lasting relations, as marriages work better within happy couples.

Happy individuals makes faster and better decisions.

Happy people can endure pain better and have better immunity.

Happy people live longer, almost 10 years more.

Happy people have better self-control, are emotionally strong and can cope with difficult situations in a better manner. They suffer less from depressions and suicidal tendencies.

Happy people are richer, as they are more stable towards their job, dedicated and more productive and hence are more successful.

Happiness is one of the most desired goals in life, yet it seems to be an impossible task. The secret of real happiness lies in the smallest things in life, the smaller joys that brings true happiness.

By following these simple ways you can bring in more happiness in your life:

Keep a smiling face: We all can afford a smile, even if it is forceful, it is bound to give you happiness. Smile is highly contagious, it will not only make you feel happy but also everyone around you too.

Choose to eat healthy: When you eat the right foods that is balanced and nutritious you feel better, both physically and mentally. Many of us do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. Make sure you include them in your diet. It is said that proper nutrition influences the structuring and functioning of our brain and other organs of the body.

Exercise enough: An active body and mind with regular exercise reduces stress and releases endorphins, the hormone responsible for controlling stress.

Manage stress: We all deserve to be happy and stress robs us from it. Practicing mediation and yoga will help in managing stress and make you feel better.

Always be what you are: Steve Jobs once said – “Time in limited, don’t waste living someone else’s life.” Be yourself, accept what are and you will find all the difference.


Sheela Seharawat is a dietician


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