Add zing to your style with Horra’s Kompanero

 Add zing to your style with Horra’s Kompanero

Team L&M

From Horra, a homegrown brand that stands quality craftsmanship, youthful style and trendy fashion, with international accents, comes a delightful new Kompanero series of watches. Spoil yourself or a loved with this stylish watch: a piece to crave for! Give in to the allure of the exotic brass dial in dual colours, set on a textured strap that adds an edgy appeal to the wrist! This contemporary timepiece is a mood-enhancer with an element of the new vogue. Horra makes high quality fashion truly affordable. This water-resistant watch comes with different materials and straps. What are you waiting for? Flaunt the latest fashion and get compliments from friends and family this summer season!

Price: Rs 1,000 onwards


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