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Chakra healing designer label unveiled

Team L&M Colour therapist and spiritual healer Dr. Madhu Kotiya has come up with her own label, Shezaim. The label was launched at multi-designer store Filme Fashion in Lajpat Nagar. With this she takes a step further in healing through colours, silhouettes, and combinations. The collection is based on chakra healing through colours.  Read More

5 ways to deal with monsoon blues

The switch from summer to monsoon is a sudden change in weather that affects our lives and our aura. While some people experience physical symptoms like suffocation and restlessness, others feel emotionally low, inactive or depressed during the monsoon time. Spiritual Healer, Dr. Madhu Kotiya suggests some simple tips to beat monsoon blues and come […]Read More

How emotions affect your body

By Dr. Madhu Kotiya People who are emotionally strong always learn to cope up with stressful situations and problems of their life, therefore they live a healthy lifestyle. As they feel good about themselves and their surroundings, their physical health is least affected by their thoughts and emotions. However, it’s very difficult to keep up […]Read More