TOP 5 Ways to deal with monsoon blues

 TOP 5 Ways to deal with monsoon blues

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The switch from summer to monsoon is a sudden change in weather that affects our lives and our aura. While some people experience physical symptoms like suffocation and restlessness, others feel emotionally low, inactive or depressed during the monsoon time.

Spiritual Healer, Dr. Madhu Kotiya suggests some simple tips to beat monsoon blues and come out kicking:

The pace and quality of breath is very important. One must breathe slowly and deeply. Breathing right makes a huge difference to our physical and emotional health.

Bathe in sea salt water as it omits all the negativity from the aura.

Practice Yoga! It really helps in building a concentration level. The easiest of Asanas like PadmaAsan could also work like wonder.

Take a break from your regular routine. Treat yourself with a small vacation to some serene place away from the hustle bustle of the city life. This would let you unfold and relax your body, mind and soul.

Listening to soothing music to keep monsoon blues away. Music helps control our cortisol cells in our body and also calms you down.

Dr Madhu Kotiya is a renowned Tarot mentor, energy Vastu Expert,  Numerologist,  a spiritual and a psychic healer.  She is also a channel to Arch angles and ascended masters.


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