How emotions affect your body

 How emotions affect your body

Dr Madhu Kotiya

People who are emotionally strong always learn to cope up with stressful situations and problems of their life, therefore they live a healthy lifestyle. As they feel good about themselves and their surroundings, their physical health is least affected by their thoughts and emotions. However, it’s very difficult to keep up control over them all the time as life has its own disruptions that leads to us feel sad, angry or anxious.

Every thought we have, has an effect on our body. It responds to our emotions in a deepest way that we don’t realize. Poor emotional health can weaken our immune system as each negative thought affects a particular organ.

  1. When you feel angry your liver is affected – You need to calm down yourself and do not need to hype the situations.
  2. Bitterness in your heart, affects your gall bladder – There is no need to keep lingering over the same thoughts again and again, one should learn to let go of a few things.
  3. If you are sad, cribbing and crying, you are making your situation any better but making your heart and lungs weak. Instead find a way to get out of that situation.
  4. If you feel vulnerable/ abandoned, your small intestines may stop working – do not undermine yourself and be confident of what you are.
  5. If you are rigid and overly defensive, your large intestines will work slowly – be resilient and start accepting changes in life. Life is all about growing up and for growing up changes are required.
  6. Low self esteem and feeling of reflection, it weakens your pancreas – Express your feelings in an appropriate way and what should matter to you is your own growth and inner peace. Nothing is more important than that.
  7. Feelings of fear and terror may affect your kidney and weakens it – there is nothing you can’t do, face the challenges in your life and take it all in a positive way.
  8. Being timid or irritated will harm your bladder and if you are confused for a long time, your thyroid gland will get weak – get enough sleep to keep your mind on a right track.
  9. Stress weakens your brain nerves – Everyone goes through ups and downs in life, it’s not only you so don’t stress over something and believe that bad times will pass and trust your instincts.
  10. If you feel restricted and blocked by society, you can get arthritis – talk to yourself and make self judgments of what is right or wrong, stop worrying about what others will think and do what makes you happy.

You need to think wisely to keep away negative thoughts. Live a balanced life and not let anything or anything take charge of your life. Change your thought process change your attitude towards your problem. Rather than cribbing or feeling dejected or weak, muster up courage and faith and look for the solution of the problem.

Dr Madhu Kotiya
is a spiritual healer


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