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Diabetes and ways to tackle it

As per estimates, about 415 million people the world over are living with diabetes, which means one in 11 adult persons has it. Over 46% of people with diabetes go undiagnosed. The figure is expected to rise to 642 million people living with diabetes worldwide by 2040. In India, over 30 million people have now […]Read More

Tips to gain sound mental health

On this World Mental Health Day, Dietitian Sheela Seharawat gives some tips for maintaining sound mental health. Read on… The World Federation for Mental Health took the initiative of World Mental Health Day, 25 years ago, to make this world a mentally healthier place. This year’s theme set by the federation is Mental Health At Workplace. […]Read More

5 things you must do for staying slim

Team L&M If you want to stay slim, you have to change both your food intake as well as go in for a healthy lifestyle. You should eat not for the sake of taste but more the health benefits it gives. Go For fresh food & Eat Smaller Portions As far as possible go for […]Read More

How emotions affect your body

By Dr. Madhu Kotiya People who are emotionally strong always learn to cope up with stressful situations and problems of their life, therefore they live a healthy lifestyle. As they feel good about themselves and their surroundings, their physical health is least affected by their thoughts and emotions. However, it’s very difficult to keep up […]Read More