‘My mission is to rid pain and hurt from people’s lives’

 ‘My mission is to rid pain and hurt from people’s lives’

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

If 10 years back someone had told her that she would be treating people one day, she would have just ignored the comment. But then, unbeknown to her, her path was being set up. One by one, circumstances that unfolded put her on the path that would help her know her life’s mission — a mission to train, at least, one person per family in spiritual healing. “What we need today is not medicine but holistic healing. Medicines just treat a particular body organ, a particular ailment disrupting the rest. What is required is that a person be healed completely,” says Indirapuram resident Priya Kaul.

Priya is a nothing if not a healer. And while others dabble in one or two streams of healing, she not just dabbles but excels in most, be it Numerology, Tarot Reading, Spell, Hypnosis, Channelling (she becomes a medium to help people talk to their departed loved ones), Reiki Grandmaster, Clairvoyance, Crystal Healing and she also does NLP, past life regression, read Akashik records (a record of information about each soul that has taken birth on the earth, stored in the form of energy) and connecting to angles — Angelic healing is something that is most dear to her heart. “My life changed drastically since angels came into my life,” she says.

Her work is recognised not just by the people she has healed, the students she is imparting her knowledge to but also within the healing community, both by her seniors and juniors alike. Recently, Priya was awarded the Arch of Excellence Award.

“Miracles happen, angels always help, the only thing is people don’t realise this. Most often people are too busy and involved in the fast pace of life that they don’t have time to stand and stare. If only you pay attention, you will realise what your spirit guides and guardian angels are trying to communicate to you,” she says, adding, “Each human being has a spirit guide; it may be a departed loved one or someone else, and these spirit guides keep cautioning us, advising us, foreboding us… if only we will listen to them.”

“This life I am living is not what I had envisaged, but this is my mission now – to rid pain and hurt from the life of as many people as I can,” she says. Perhaps this was the purpose of her life to know which she had jumped through many jobs.

Priya was just a normal girl like you and me. Not much interested in the school system of studies as she felt she “knew everything she had to know”. She did a variety of jobs, anything that her qualification could get her. At one, she was a physical trainer, then a beauty counsellor, a voice and an accent trainer. She worked at Spire International School, VLCC, Convergys, AOL, Omega and Wipro, and was happily going with the flow of life when the sudden demise of her father left her at the crossroads.

The unexpected death of her father in 2011, a healthy and fitness-conscious individual, changed the course of her life. It also made her question the frailty of life, and also life after life, the soul that passes on to higher realms! “I know most people will find it hard to believe but I saw his soul sitting beside his body, totally amazed and shocked at what had happened. Dad was completely healthy but had a sudden heart attack in office from where he was taken to the hospital,” she says. And though Priya clearly saw her father’s image, she found it hard to believe what she saw.

Then began the job of taking care of her mother and three younger siblings. While she could soothe her brother and sisters, tackling her mother was the most difficult thing as her mom just couldn’t come to terms with her husband’s death. “My parents were very close and totally in love with each other. So my mother would often tell me to find out ways of connecting with my father’s soul,” she says.

A desperate Priya started googling to know about people who could connect with departed souls. “And I read about Major Dalbir Singh, a retired Indian Army officer, and a spiritual healer. And I requested him for help,” she says. “He helped me meet my dad’s soul. The soul told me to counsel my mom against crying and wailing for him else she too would be taken away,” she says. Priya passed on the message to her mom but she somehow couldn’t stop herself for crying over her loss, fell sick and passed away.

It left her astounded, shocked, mystified, and also put her on the spiritual path. She then learnt Reiki and Hypnosis. As her interest grew she learnt Feng Shui, Vaastu, Numerology and Tarot Reading.

Kailash Hills (New Delhi) resident Seema Bhatia was the one who brought angels into my life. I learnt about Angelic Healing from her,” says Priya. And in 2015, she decided to share her knowledge with others, not only through teaching but also healing others passing through difficult times in life. As she delved deeper into spirituality, her interest widened, and she learnt more and more streams of learning. In 2016, she did an international certified course of MTHS (Merlin Trinity Healing System), considered the best international certificate course. Now, she plans to take her second international certified course in Dream Interpretation from Thailand.

Holistic healing is the need of the hour and it is no fiction. All alternate systems of healing are based on scientific aspects, it is a science which everyone should learn to lead a good life,” she says.

“All human beings are born with power, the need is to awaken it. But the need is to surrender to the divine and not use logic,” she adds, saying that her elder daughter, around 12 years, has already learnt Reiki Level 1. “I feel kids should be taught all these sciences from class 1,” says Priya.

“One day, I shall open my own school for teaching kids these sciences,” she signs off.


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