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Delhi-based artist Ghazali Moinuddin has shared one of his paintings with www.lifeandmore.in that depicts the advent of Coronavirus in India and how the country is fighting it. “The virus is represented as a red wave entering the lush green fields of the Indian landscape. The virus has entered the country but has not covered the […]Read More

It gels perfectly with you

Team L&M If you work in a kitchen, I’m sure you will agree with me that there are always a chance of a cut or a burn, even if you are careful. And you end up looking for a band-aid strip or an antiseptic cream for immediate relief. But then there is always a probability […]Read More

How to help someone who is suicidal

LISTEN Yes, it can be distressing to hear someone feeling suicidal, and our instinct might be to feel like doing something for him or her. But the most valuable step would be to be a good listener. It is important to be able to stay calm, and keep your worries aside, instead giving them a […]Read More

The tumultuous love story of a sannyasi

Saurabh Tankha Subtly juxtaposed on the life Jayadeva, the famous 12th century poet and author of Gita Govinda, Sahitya Akademi award longlisted poet, playwright and novelist Raj Supe’s When Life Cartwheels (Platinum Press; Rs 349; spirituality based fiction/ romance) is a passionate love story is, as the author writes “born of the churning confluence of […]Read More

Spreading Indian culture in the US

I have always believed that dancers are the luckiest persons, not only because they are creative and can make all their imaginations come alive through their dance moves but because whenever they travel they make friends very easily and the relationship that develops is only because of the medium of dance that gets them to […]Read More

Pick a card, get tarot guidance

My dear beautiful people, I welcome you all to this week’s tarot guidance. Gather yourself in the center of your heart and chose an image you are most drawn to. You can choose more than one image also. You can think about any situation that you need guidance for or can seek general guidance from […]Read More

5 types of Indian moms: Which one is yours?

We all love our mothers. From raising us through the formative years to putting up with our existential angst, our moms do a lot for us and that too, unconditionally. Here are five types of Indian moms. Which description best fits your mother? The Masterchef Maa: From baking your favourite chocolate brownie to cooking the […]Read More

Ride to unite with The Indian Tourist

Team L&M If you are a biker who desires to capture the unseen and unparalleled beauty of this world on a bike, then connect with The Indian Tourist. A unique travel platform that breaks the mainstream idea of holidaying and lets you travel like a modern-day millennial with a group of like-minded young wandering souls, […]Read More

What is the best time to consume green tea?

Dolly Kumar Green tea is a favourite drink among health lovers for its myriad health benefits. An anti-bacterial tea, it is rich in anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins and has innumerable health benefits including helping in weight loss, improving body’s metabolism, promoting oral health, exhibiting anti-aging properties and reducing the risk of heart diseases and cancer. […]Read More