Regular consumption of CANCRO boosts immunity & mental well-being

 Regular consumption of CANCRO boosts immunity & mental well-being

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

CANCRO, the only Deuterium-depleted water brand, was launched in Indian market three months back. Conceptualized by Arsh Mehta, CANCRO aims to help prevent and treat tumorous diseases, slow down the ageing processes in the skin, and treating other skin issues like psoriasis. “Regular consumption of deuterium depleted drinks helps increase the expected survival time of cancer Patients,” says Mehta, Director, CANCRO.

deuterium depleted water
Arsh Mehta Director CANCRO

Significantly, Mehta, a finance graduate, moved towards health-space back in 2018 when he started working on CANCRO. In conversation of Life & More, he tells us more:

What is meant by deuterium-depleted water? How does it help aid health?

Deuterium depleted water is water in which the level of the isotope deuterium is lower than what is found in natural water sources. It is made by removing deuterium from water using a process called deuterium depletion to make it lighter in atomic mass.

Studies have shown that the water we typically consume has a higher Deuterium level of 165 ppm, whereas CANCRO water has depleted Deuterium levels below 125 ppm. Over the years, medical research has shown that the body’s ability to deplete Deuterium decreases as we get less exercise or sunlight, fall sick, and get older. A lower Deuterium level helps improves immunity, prevents disease, improves mental well-being, helps curtail diseases such as diabetes, heart issues, Thalassemia, and cancer while actively increasing energy levels and enhancing athletic performance, and contributing towards injury recovery.

What is the idea behind launching it?

Our main aim at CANCRO – India’s first and only Deuturium-depleted water brand, is to help prevent and abate tumorous diseases, skin ageing processes, and other prevalent skin diseases such as psoriasis. After years of research, studies showed that consuming Deuterium-depleted drinks help heal our bodies internally as it has multiple health benefits, the most evident one being fighting the side effects of chemotherapy and helping your body cope better with a disease like cancer. We wanted to create something sustainable and affordable for everyday use and contribute to the betterment of the livelihood of people as well as give back to our planet. Therefore, through CANCRO, we are trying to work towards a healthier India.

What kind of research went into the development of this water?

The benefits of Deuterium depleted water has been researched by some of the most premier research institutes in the world, as well as many governments. These include BhabhaG Atomic Research Centre. India, Tata Cancer Research Society, India, Government of India, (IIT & Health Department), Government Of Iran, Government of Holland, and Government of USA. All data regarding the same can be found on their respective websites as well.

What was the reason behind delving into the health space, which is much different from your educational and professional background?

Personally, I try to keep a health-conscious mindset and therefore keep trying to find ways/ products that are natural and aid my well-being. I have noticed that this is an emerging mindset in the youth of India as well. Although I have two degrees in quantitative finance from the University of Massachusetts Boston in the US, I was driven towards the cause of “healthy body, healthy mind” and wanted to bring such a product to the Indian market in a sustainable and affordable manner.

I have always worked with the idea of being thoroughly health-conscious the core of our brand. I feel honoured to be able to introduce CANCRO Deuterium Depleted Drink in India as it is the first and only of its kind. We are trying to showcase our product as a preventive healthcare and lifestyle product. Entering the global market with an edge, we have infused Curcumin and Iodine extracts in CANCRO, to boost the health benefits for the consumer.

When was it that you decided to start this venture? And how did you go about it?

Deuterium depleted beverages have been present globally for a few years. While I was pursuing my higher education in the US, I came across a multitude of health-conscious people, as well as athletes who consumed deuterium depleted beverages regularly. Curious to understand what it was, I began researching what it was all about, the science behind it – examples of the same. I looked into the process of deuterium depletion and also got in. Touch with scientists in the US as well as India. I realised the numerous health benefits of this beverage and became a consumer. Once I saw all the claims turning into reality within my own body, I Conceptualised the brand, CANCRO, in 2018, as I wanted to make deuterium depleted beverages accessible and affordable for the emerging health forward population of India.

I then discussed the same with my father and co-founder, Mukesh Mehta – a seasoned businessman, who guided me through the process of being able to create and manufacturer such a product in India.

ver since, we have not looked back and hope to grow unwaveringly moving forward.

When was the water finally launched, and where is it available?

It’s been about three months since we launched officially through notable e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Jiomart, and our website to make sure the product reaches directly to the consumers’ homes. We have tried to push the narrative of the health benefits this product holds and are working every day to increase awareness of the product. We showcased CANCRO at the ProWine exhibition 2022, which was our first public appearance and are in touch with multiple doctors at notable hospitals to focus on the benefits of CANCRO and are expanding into pop-ups to educate our customer base. We are currently in talks with multiple retailers to place our product in stores across Mumbai and plan to expand Pan India as well.

Don’t you think the pricing is on the higher side? Any plans to bring the cost down.

Economically, CANCRO Deuterium Depleted Drink costs Rs 180/ 500ml bottle which is almost 1/10th of the couple of brands that are being imported into India, therefore trying to make it affordable for most of the Indian population.

Due to economies of scale, we hope to lower our price as we grow in production and as a brand. Our hope is to make CANCRO a household name in India.

What are your future plans?

We are planning to launch a premium line of CANCRO in glass bottles as they are more environmentally friendly. We are also in discussions for launching carbonated and flavoured CANCRO deuterium-depleted water to make sure every consumer has a healthy and flavourful drinking water experience. We are working towards global outreach and expansion to make this the most affordable Deuterium Depleted Drink in the market. We are also looking at more sustainable manufacturing processes that align with our goals to achieve a minimal carbon footprint. As for our products, we are researching expanding into a range of deuterium-depleted products that serve the same purpose.


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