Bags that can be a perfect match for your Valentine’s Week outings

 Bags that can be a perfect match for your Valentine’s Week outings

Arpita Katyal

Valentine’s Day is here and now is the perfect time to up your style statement for your V-day look. And handbags are just the right way to spruce up your entire look. Whether you are planning a casual outing or a date night out, we have everything you need. Here are a few bags that can be the perfect match for your various outings during the Valentine’s Week outings:

Casual Outing
If a casual day around the city is your idea of a perfect date, a crossbody bag can be the perfect companion for you. It’s not just stylish and trendy, but is also very spacious and allows you to enjoy your day without any hassles.

Valentine week outings

Picnic date
For a brunch date or a picnic, a spacious tote bag can come in extremely handy. It will carry all your essentials, and add the right pop of color to your outfit for a fun and breezy touch.

Valentine week outings

Night Out
If you’re planning a night out this Valentine’s Day, a stylish evening bag can be your pick. It will instantly take your look from drab to fab, and add the right amount of glam to your look. Whether it’s a small and sleek clutch or a statement-making one, there are so many options to choose from.

Valentine week outings

Shopping Spree
For the shopaholic in you, a shopping spree would be the ideal date plan this Valentine’s Day. And what better than a backpack to carry all your essentials! Choose a backpack that is stylish and spacious, and pair it with a casual and comfortable outfit for a fun day out.

Date Night
For a perfect romantic date night, choose a statement mini bag. It will be the perfect choice for a candlelit dinner, and will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Valentine week outings

In the end it’s all about having fun and enjoying your time together. Whether you’re going on a picnic, a night out, or a special event, make sure to choose a bag that matches your style and adds the right element to your personality.

Arpita Katyal is CEO, Roperro


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