TOP 5 Reasons why you should do yoga daily

 TOP 5 Reasons why you should do yoga daily

Yogi Ashwani is the Guiding Light of Dhyan Foundation and an authority on the Vedic Sciences. His book Sanatan Kriya, The Ageless Dimension is an acclaimed thesis on anti-ageing. Here he tells us how important Yoga is for a balanced mind and body.

When we need to balance a gruelling work schedule with a healthy lifestyle then following the Yogic way is the only answer.  All thanks to the magical power of yoga, it not only elevates one’s consciousness but also keep one fit naturally.

  1. Balance is a must

In today’s world everybody seems to be obsessed with weight loss, maybe it is this fad of size zero or to get six or eight packs but all this is temporary. We need to give it a wholesome form by being healthy outside and inside to qualify for the “wellness” tag.

  1. Emotional decongestion is what we need

Today’s generation is a victim of the modern day malaise of stress and even after vigorous physical exercise, one doesn’t feel healthy. Yoga helps in balancing mind and body. Only when there is emotional freedom, true health and wellness follows.

  1. Back to traditional exercise

We don’t need to depend upon the modern day ‘fixes’ of gymming and fad dieting to get to the desired shape. We should follow our tested and traditional yogic way for exercise and we can sure be fit outside and beautiful inside. Yoga is about elevating one’s consciousness which in turn release the energy within.

  1. No need to control diet

You should eat everything but in moderation. It is a must for you to include desi ghee in your diet. One needs that much of lubrication. We must never ever starve to get the desired result. However, food balance in our body gets disturbed by any acidic and toxic foods and to counter that we need to abstain from certain foods like red meat and preservatives.

  1. Stop being artificial

Go natural and breathe freely. Artificial lifestyle is the one which creates all problems. Yoga energizes the inner strength which makes us look good and that’s what we are hankering for.


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