Beat Anxiety and Stress, the Vedic way

 Beat Anxiety and Stress, the Vedic way

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In today’s time when everyone, young or old, even kids, keep complaining of being under stress and duress, Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Foundation tell us about the ways to beat this modern-day monster.

Read on what he has to say….

Have you wondered why we like being with some people and why we want to stay away from some? The reason is simple, anyone who is calm and at peace, or shant creates a serenity around and people feel good in such persons company and those who are disturbed, under stress , anxious or ashant create the same disturbance around them thereby giving signals to people to stay away.. The difference is the difference in positive and negative frequencies/ vibrations.

The frequency of the waves that a person radiates directly affect his immediate environment, and the creation at large and as an equal and opposite reaction the state of the person also gets affected by his/her immediate environment.  Thus, a person who is troubled, under stress, anxious  would spread disturbances into his surroundings, and as its effect he would in turn get more and more disturbed; a vicious circle… and all this would have a chaotic and cumulative effect on the whole environment,

The above clearly tells us as to why the present state of the world is what it is today. We, the selfish beings of today cannot think beyond ourselves and just want peace for the self, failing to understand that if there is disturbance and stress around us how can we ever be peaceful?

But our Vedic rishis had realised that being at peace is possible only if there is peace all around us. They showed us the way to eliminate stress, have complete peace, complete shanti, which is not just being at peace with ourselves but to have peace all round -they gave us the beautiful shanti path. When you are chanting this mantra you are praying that — first there should be peace in the universe, then our mother earth, then the plant kingdom should be at peace, the herbs and medicines should be at peace, the gods around, and Lord Brahma should be at peace. We should be at peace like all of them. There should be shanti all around.

You can also experience the power of shanti or peace even in this day and age through the Sanatan Kriya and Vedic Havans.

Here I am giving a simple technique from Sanatan Kriya. Sit in a comfortable position preferably cross legged on the floor. Closing your eyes pay reverence to your Guru. Gently inhale and exhale such that your breathing takes on a soft rhythmic movement. Then take your awareness to your anahad chakra (the chest region). Become aware of the entire creation in front of you. Feel one with the whole creation and then chant the shanti path.

You can repeat this mantra seven times. When you get up (make sure you get up very slowly after paying reverence to your Guru) you will carry the peaceful vibrations not only inside you but also around you.

Vedic havans, which are routinely conducted by sadhaks at Dhyan Ashram, are also a very powerful means to experience what peace actually is.

To perform a vedic havan just take a copper bowl/kund, put some cow dung cake in it along with sesame and guggul. Light fire using camphor and give oblations of ghee from a desi cow while chanting the mantras.


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