Want to end nepotism in music industry: Rahul Prajapati

 Want to end nepotism in music industry: Rahul Prajapati

Saurabh Tankha

If there is one change he would want to bring to the Indian music industry, it would be to remove nepotism completely. “And not only from the music industry but from everywhere else too,” says singer-composer-lyricist-poet Rahul Prajapati. The multi-talented youngster shares that the journey in the music industry in the absence of any godfather can be a rough one. “One needs to believe in his/ her talent and work as hard as possible and then everything gets stacked in your favour,” he advises.

Born to homemaker Janki and businessman Ram Prakash Prajapati, Rahul is brother to two sisters — Monika and Pratibha. It was from a young age that Rahul started singing and thereafter writing songs. “During my schooldays, I learned to play guitar from Raju Chanchalji. It was after completing my school education and reaching Lucknow that I realised I needed to do something big in life. Soon, I was writing poetry and realised I was good at playing with words. My knowledge of playing guitar helped and slowly everything started falling in place. That’s how my musical journey started,” he says.

However, Rahul’s father was not in the favour of his son turning into a professional singer. “But I got 100 per cent support from my mother. However, after the release of my first song, everyone in the family, including my father, started supporting me,” says Rahul who has already reached the million mark with his song, Main Tanha Akela under the T-Series banner. Cover songs like Enna sona, Dulhe ka sehra suhana lagta hai, Koi fariyaad  and many more songs by this talented man have been massive hits among music lovers. As a composer, Rahul composed the song, Kaatil, under the T-Series banner which was sung by Vaibhav Kundra. Now, he is ready with his new song, Tu mera kyun nahin. We had a chat with the multi-talented youngster…

Main Tanha Akelahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQvAP6u4rXU&feature=youtu.be

How easy or difficult is it to be an ‘all in one’ person?
Everyone have different point of view but honestly it’s not difficult for me as I love to do all things like singing, compositing and sometimes acting also.

Why is there no soul in songs today? 
Everyone has their own preferences. I personally feel that earlier songs were more melodious and soulful than today. It’s not like people are not making soulful song today but yes comparatively less than earlier years.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?
I believe music is the best therapy in the world. The whole process is so divine. And that is the best thing about being a musician.

Enna Sona Cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqO2I1ZRSZ4&feature=youtu.be

Most memorable performance till date…
My first ever college performance. And for that performance, I got lot of appreciation from my friends, faculties and from everyone.

Who, in the music industry, do consider your guru?
No one actually. Each and every person learn something from others.

Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhana Lagta Hai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4yDVeKxj1c&feature=youtu.be

Who has been the most inspirational person in your life and why?
My mom, dad and Anirudh Kundra. The confidence and believe which I have today is just because of Anirudh bhaiya.

What’s next for Rahul Prajapati?
Many songs with big banners are in the pipeline but can’t disclose it now. But they will surely be a musical treat for all music-lovers.

If not a musician, what would Rahul Prajapati be…
…a businessman

Success to you is…
…my family’s happiness and satisfaction.


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