What not to do when in Metro

 What not to do when in Metro

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

I have been travelling by Delhi Metro regularly ever since it started operations in the city. Initially, when the trains were new, people were a little in awe of these meticulously clean compartments and they travelled with care. I remember there used to be pin-drop silence in the compartments, at best travellers would talk in whispers, wary of co-passengers.

Sadly, all that has changed. Delhiites are now used to the swanky clean air-conditioned Metro trains and are no longer in awe of these. In fact, they now behave as if they own these trains, they sit in the compartments as though they are in their bedrooms, they talk as though they are in some college common rooms, in loud and shrieky voices, least bothered about those travelling along side.

Travelling by Metro is no longer a pleasure it once was. While we, the people, can do pretty little about the technical faults that cause delays, we sure can make travel a little cool experience for each other. Can’t we? How you may ask, and I’ll tell you —

Don’t talk loudly on phone. No one, absolutely no one, is interested in listening to your love stories/office politics/in-laws sagas. In fact, becoming a forced listener is bugging.

Don’t squat on the floor of the train. I see so many people, mostly youngsters sitting on the floor that I wonder don’t they have enough physical strength to stand a while. Strangely, I see that older people are standing, holding on to the handles, but younger ones literally sprawled on the floor with all their belongings. This despite the fact that there are regular announcements advising people to not sit on the floor.

When you eat something, a packet of chips, a burger, some fruits or popcorns make sure that it doesn’t get strewn on the floor. Metro officials advise against eating in trains or platform, but if you must (it may be an emergency or you may be a diabetic patient who needs to eat at regular intervals), please keep your seat and area clean.

When in Metro, or for that matter in any public place, behave. I see so many girls/women opening their vanity cases and applying make-up, combing their hair, putting on nail polish. Seriously… Do you not get enough time at home/PG/hostel wherever you live to do all this? It’s most irritating to see all this grooming being done in public transport. Plus, also understand that if your boyfriend happens to see you applying all that make-up, he will run miles away from you, I am sure. Some things are to be done in private. Understand that.

Don’t wash your dirty linen in public. I see so many couples having bitter fights in the Metro; I am forced listener like many others. It is disgraceful, to say the least. It would be much better if you can keep a check on your emotions when you are in Metro. The same goes for those who indulge in public display of affection. Keep the sanctity of your relationship guys, please.

Don’t let your kids play inside the Metro train or make them stand on the seats, people. Take them to a park instead. I often see small kids taking circles around the rods or hanging onto the handles on the roof. And parents instead of stopping them, assist them gleefully. That’s most annoying.

The other day, I saw a family of six people, including the grandmother, encouraging a small girl to run in the train, and when some people objected they made her stand on the seat and watch outside scene, where too she kept fidgeting, kicking the passenger sitting beside them in the process. PHEW!!

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