Day: February 10, 2023


Regular consumption of CANCRO boosts immunity & mental well-being

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha CANCRO, the only Deuterium-depleted water brand, was launched in Indian market three months back. Conceptualized by Arsh Mehta, CANCRO aims to help prevent and treat tumorous diseases, slow down the ageing processes in the skin, and treating other skin issues like psoriasis. “Regular consumption of deuterium depleted drinks helps increase the expected […]Read More


Start-Ups with innovative and sustainable business models

Team L&M Sustainability and environmental friendliness are now essential to our continued existence as a result of climate change breaking monthly temperature records and plastic pollution growing into a massive issue. People are starting to alter their purchasing patterns and are leaning toward cruelty-free goods produced with high-quality, sustainable materials that do not hurt the […]Read More

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