Day: February 27, 2023


Ed-Tech industry sees a steady growth after Covid pandemic

Manish Mohta The use of technology, including hardware, software, practice, and educational theory for a student’s entire growth is known as education technology. The term “ed-tech” describes businesses and organisations that specialise in developing educational technology. It incorporates online learning, computer-based training, mobile learning, and many other learning methods. It is proper to integrate technology […]Read More


Research shows Assamese Borthekera plant has cardioprotective potential

Team L&M Garcinia pedunculata, a medicinal plant commonly called ‘Borthekera’ in the Assamese language, traditionally forbidden for raw consumption, has been found to protect from heart diseases. Administration of the dried pulp of the ripe fruit of the medicinal plant reduced cardiac hypertrophy indicators and oxidative stress and heart inflammation brought on by ISO. The […]Read More


AstaGuru’s ‘Imperial Treasures’ celebrates rich heritage of global craftsmanship

Team L&M If ceramics, fine silver, chandeliers  and vintage clocks hold your special attention, you are in for a treat. AstaGuru is holding an auction of diverse crafts from around the world in its ‘Imperial Treasures’ auction today and tomorrow. It has over 300 lots, which includes Asian ceramics, Anglo-Indian furniture, crystal chandeliers, fine silver, […]Read More

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