Day: January 10, 2023


Ahead of Sankranti, Shobitam launches Makar Collection with Girish Lakshman

Team L&M Ethnic-wear brand Shobitam has launched the Makar Collection by Designer Girish Lakshman. Makar is an ode to the rich tradition of festivals across all of India and an expression of Girish’s personal history with festivals and designs that reflect India’s cultural heritage. The sarees have been conceived to capture the celebratory events that […]Read More


TOP 5 Traits of a future ready HRtech software

Sumit Sabharwal In order to provide organisations with the best human capital and achieve the best results, human resource management (HR) deals with people. It must also ensure that employees have a better working environment. As we deal with the effect of post-pandemic, businesses are embracing the idea of remote labour more and more. Furthermore, […]Read More

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