Ahead of Sankranti, Shobitam launches Makar Collection with Girish Lakshman

 Ahead of Sankranti, Shobitam launches Makar Collection with Girish Lakshman

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Ethnic-wear brand Shobitam has launched the Makar Collection by Designer Girish Lakshman. Makar is an ode to the rich tradition of festivals across all of India and an expression of Girish’s personal history with festivals and designs that reflect India’s cultural heritage.

The sarees have been conceived to capture the celebratory events that mark the Sankranti festivities, which celebrates the life-giving Sun. From Lohri Dhols and Bonfire to Kite flying paraphernalia, Bull fighting, Rangoli or Kolam to the sugarcane harvest and the traditional Pongal pot, each saree exemplifies the richness of Indian culture.

Says the designer, “It was a great experience to learn about the transformation of a concept to its final form woven in beautiful Kanjivaram Silks by the talented Shobitam weavers. Every piece of woven artwork is a brilliant tribute to our festivals, the artisans and the historical richness of Indian handicrafts. Working with the Shobitam team while showcasing my creativity and passion has been a fantastic experience. I’d like to thank the Shobitam team for creating this wonderful platform for designers, from amateurs to seasoned ones, to showcase their work globally.”

Talking about the Makar Collection, Aparna Thyagarajan, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Shobitam said, “We take pride in creating our unique designs at Shobitam and working with designers, like Girish, to bring to life their creations and showcase their talent through unique pieces with fabrics, colour palettes. All our products are made by weavers, artisans and designers across the length and breadth of India who we are working with directly. I am excited to bring the grandeur and richness of our culture to the global stage.”


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