Day: January 9, 2023


Protein found in Zebrafish can regenerate aged discs in human

Team L&M A protein found in the backbone of zebrafish that plays a positive role in disc maintenance and promotes regeneration in aged discs between vertebrae can have potential therapeutic implications to promote regeneration in degenerated human discs. In humans, discs degenerate naturally, leading to many related health concerns, including low back, neck, and appendage […]Read More


Innovative ways CHROs have identified to boost employee engagement

Team L&M Healthy employee engagement has become a critical aspect for corporations in today’s time, especially after the much-loved work from home period. Transparency, effective communication, positive relationships and flourishing work culture are key metrics that need to be considered by CHROs in order to build teams and attract/ retain employees. Government bodies have taken […]Read More


Cost-effective backpacks for men

Team L&M Backpacks is an in-thing these days. Men are starting to wear backpacks everywhere, whether at the office, on the street, or in the outdoors. These backpacks are available in a limitless variety of designs and materials, are useful, and are comfortable to carry. In today’s time the carry styles vary greatly and even […]Read More

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