Day: March 20, 2020

Live, district-wise, COVID-19 tracker developed

Team L&M A live, district-wise tracker, for COVID-19 cases in India, has been developed by the students of Mahindra Ecole Centrale College of Engineering, Hyderabad. The tracker can be found at The website has been developed by the students: Raghav NS, Ananta Srikar, Rishab Ramanathan, Rohith Gilla, Anchit Sharma and V Meghana Reddy under the faculty: Dr […]Read More

फांसी का फंदा

कामपिपसुओं अब सम्भल जाओ ठरकी बलात्कारियों सोच बदल लो पोर्न देखना हर पल दोहराना बन्द करो हर बेटी, हर नारी में अपनी बहन-बेटी देखो गलत भावना सर उठाये तो निर्भया को याद कर लो देखो ये झूलता फांसी का फंदा रोक लो अपने नापाक हाथ कल को ये न हो: तुम्हारी माँ की कोख सूनी […]Read More

Stay calm and positive to ward off Coronavirus

Saurabh Tankha While scientists are trying to find out a cure for COVID-19 that has gripped the entire humanity, spiritualists are advising people to remain calm and positive, whatever be the situation. And amid the insanity, it is astrologers who are stating that there is no need to fear as the virus’ intensity is already […]Read More